Aspergillus P. Micheli ex Haller

For the generic description and synonyms of the genus Aspergillus click here.

The following list includes species accepted in the genus Aspergillus and is published in Samson et al.(2014). Noticeable changes from the previous lists are the incorporation of Aspergillus names for species previously accepted in the associated teleomorphic genera, as well as species previously classified in Cristaspora, Dichotomomyces, Basipetospora, Phialosimplex and Polypaecilum as well as Penicillium inflatum. The nomenclatural list includes MycoBank numbers, collection numbers of holotype and ex-type cultures and GenBank accession numbers to ITS barcodes and alternative identification markers BenA, CaM and RPB2.

A considerable amount of time and effort was spent on having the list as complete as possible. However, we acknowledge that there might be some mistakes in this list. As such, we gratefully accept any comments on missing names, errors, new data that has become available, or on methods to make the list more functional. As the taxonomy keeps evolving in fungi, this list will be kept up to date. 

When using information provided in this list, please cite Samson et al. (2014).



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