160226135511 1The taxonomy of fungi has been under significant discussion over the last years, in particular due to the molecular/sequence data that has become available. The outcome of these discussions also affect researchers outside the taxonomy field as it determines the names that should be used for fungal species. Recently, the proposal to revise article 59 of the botanical code was accepted at the 2011 IBC Nomenclature Section at Melbourne and the principle of "one fungus : one name" was established (Norvell et al. 2011). These new nomenclatural rules have large implication for Penicillium and Aspergillus.

On April 14 2011 ICPA decided and proposed the single name nomenclature for Penicillium and Talaromyces (previously Penicillium subgenus Biverticillium). See also Samson et al. (2011) and Visagie et al.(2014).

For the genus Aspergillus five options were proposed. Read more >>